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§1. General
The following terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between the customer and MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa. Customer is the person who uses the MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa Service for himself or for third parties from the time of booking. Customer is also the buyer of vouchers. By booking the MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa Services, the customer accepts the terms and conditions. Deviating general terms and conditions of the customer are not valid. MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa reserves the right to change the terms and conditions.

§2 booking, booking confirmation and cancellation
Customers can make bookings or order coupons by e-mail, letter, telephone or in person. The remuneration is due with invoicing of vouchers or directly after the application at the customer, as far as no other payment has been agreed in writing. The remuneration must be transferred to the account specified in the invoice or paid in cash. Vouchers will be sent to the customer after receipt of the money in the account. Vouchers are to be presented for treatment. Express vouchers that are sent to the customer via e-mail are excluded from exchange and / or return.

§3 appointment change and appointment cancellation
Agreed appointments are to be taken in principle. Should the customer be unable to attend an agreed date for an important reason, an appointment change or cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before the agreed date without any costs. In this case, a written or telephone message to MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa is sufficient. In the event of a change of date or cancellation within 24 hours before the agreed date, costs amounting to 50% of the service price will be charged. In case of non-arrival on the agreed date without prior cancellation, the full service price for the customer. MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa reserves the right to make changes to agreed dates for good cause. Similarly, MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa reserves the right to exchange professional beauticians. A prior announcement by MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa is not necessary. The replacement of a professional beautician does not entitle you to withdraw from the agreement.

§4 cancellation
MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa reserves the right to cancel treatments for cause. In this case, we will refund all sums paid. Due to force majeure or failure of a professional beautician, an application can also be canceled immediately before and during the treatment. In these cases, we are obliged to make a pro-rata reimbursement of sums already paid. No further claims can be asserted against MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa. A right to compensation for loss of work is excluded.

§5 Disclaimer
MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa assumes no liability for the customers and their valuables before, during and after the treatments. Liability of the Faschkosmetikerin is excluded except in the case of negligent breaches of duty, which affect the life, the body and health. MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa provides its services on the basis of information provided by the customer. The customer is solely responsible for the factual accuracy and completeness of this information. MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa is a well-qualified team that performs its services to the best of its knowledge and practical skills. We are obliged to provide services. A guarantee for the success of the applications can not be given.

§6 massages and treatments
The treatments are for relaxation, relaxation and activation of regeneration. Under certain circumstances, it can lead to a slight soreness, redness or similar. come. These symptoms merely show that the body is not used to the application and are resolved quickly. If, despite expert application, consequential damage occurs that is attributable to the fact that a customer does not conceal reasons for exclusion, MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa is exempted from all liability. The same applies to damages caused by the fact that a reason for exclusion was not known to the customer and was not recognizable to the cosmetician. The following diseases must be displayed:
Fever, infections, inflammation, cancer and tumors, vascular disease, surgery and trauma within the last 12 weeks, herniated discs, broken bones, injuries to muscles, ligaments and tendons, consequences of accidents, skin diseases, open wounds.
Complaints such as allergies, physical restrictions (diabetes, pacemakers, etc) pressure-sensitive skin, pregnancy, etc. must be discussed in advance with a doctor. These are to be communicated before the treatment without being asked, so that the practitioner can decide together with you which treatment is feasible for you under given circumstances. There are no diagnoses made or promises of success.

§7 Privacy
The personal data collected by MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa is used exclusively within the framework of the provisions of the data protection law of the Federal Republic of Germany. MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa protects personal customer data and treats it confidentially. Personal data includes all data stored together with the name of the customer. These are first name, last name, telephone number, e-mail address, billing address and bank details. These data are stored by MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa in customer files and used for the purpose of providing services and for billing. MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa informs its customers about products and offers, unless otherwise specified by the customer. This consent can be contradicted at any time.

§8 Right to information
Customers of MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa as well as users of this website have the right to ask MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa for information about their personal data. The information can also be transmitted electronically on request.

§9 Inclusion agreement
The general terms and conditions of MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa are mutually agreed, are an integral part of each contract.

§10 Severability clause
Should one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become wholly or partially ineffective, the validity of the Terms and Conditions otherwise remains unaffected pursuant to Section 306 (1) BGB. A wholly or partially ineffective content of the contract is governed by § 306 paragraph 2 BGB in accordance with the statutory provisions of the Federal Republic of Germany.

§11 state of the general terms and conditions
These terms and conditions apply from 01.05.2016 and are the basis of every contract in the current version and every activity between MALU WILZ Beauty & Spa and all customers.

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